AAF-SCC crew completing Pronghorn fence modification (AZ) | Credit: John Millican (Arizona Antelope Foundation)

​21st Century Conservation Service Corps to Engage Youth, Provide Work Opportunities

NFWF supports a new youth initiative at the Department of the Interior (Interior) to help develop the next generation of conservation stewards while also providing work experience to young adults and veterans.

Interior’s goal is to provide 100,000 work and training opportunities to young people working closely with its bureaus, non-profit organizations and the private sector. Participants will gain valuable work experience while directly protecting, restoring, and enhancing national parks, wildlife refuges, and public land ecosystems. Included in this effort is a goal to engage one million volunteers annually on public lands.

In order to realize this vision, Interior has embraced and embedded the goals and principles of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) in their planning and approach. 21CSC is a highly collaborative partnership of federal agencies and non-profit groups dedicated to providing service, training, education, and employment opportunities for thousands of young Americans and veterans, including low income and disadvantaged youth. The aim of the partnership is to protect, restore and enhance public and tribal lands and waters, as well as natural, cultural and historic resources. Most importantly, 21CSC is helping develop the next generation of skilled workers, conservation professionals, and engaged citizens.

If you would like to support the work of nonprofit groups working with the Department of the Interior on this program, click here to make a secure online donation. Please select "21CSC" from the drop-down menu at the top of the form.