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​Chestnut-collared Longspur | Credit: S. Rossiter
  • Northern Great Plains Initiative

    Thanks to good land stewardship by ranchers, tribes, and public agencies, much of the Northern Great Plains remains in largely native grasslands that are both productive for people and for wildlife. NFWF's Northern Great Plains program is building on that success and is working with local private landowners to enhance, restore and help conserve native prairie and wildlife in the region while maintaining productive land use for people.

    Grants will be made to support conservation projects in four high-biodiversity sub-regions: east central and northeast Montana; southwest Saskatchewan and southeast Alberta; southwest South Dakota/northeast Wyoming; Nebraska Sandhills; and the Missouri Couteau/Prairie Potholes of North Dakota and South Dakota. Focal species will include grassland-nesting birds, black-footed ferret, swift fox, and waterfowl.

    Current priorities include:

    • Funding of ranching-based coalitions to implement priority projects to enhance habitat and restore native species;
    • Providing outreach coordinators to enroll private landowners in federal programs that provide incentives to establish best management practices and enhance wildlife populations;
    • Supporting tribes to conduct resource management planning that will enhance or restore native prairie species that are culturally significant to the tribes;
    • Supporting participation of tribal biologists in species conservation or recovery programs and increase access of tribes to existing federal incentive programs; and,
    • Supporting projects that directly conserve, enhance, or restore native prairie habitat and associated species.

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