​Bass fishing | Credit: Nate Luke

NFWF Stewardship Council

NFWF’s approach to conservation is entirely collaborative. We specialize in bringing all parties to the table -- government agencies, policy experts, NGOs and local citizens -- to find the best solutions.

The NFWF Stewardship Council is a natural extension of this philosophy. It expands NFWF’s reach and resources by engaging a select group of influential citizens to support effective conservation actions. Council members will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in discussions of vital conservation issues with NFWF senior staff and field scientists

  • Visit existing conservation projects and gain a unique perspective on the nation’s emerging conservation priorities

  • Share personal insights from their own  individual areas of expertise, including business, politics, and local and regional communities

  • Engage peers in NFWF’s programs and activities.


 Staff Representatives

“To find solutions for today’s conservation issues, you need input and collaboration from the best people. The NFWF Stewardship Council offers a unique opportunity for leaders from the private sector to come together with scientists, policy makers and community members and share their ideas. It’s a chance to engage and advance a shared vision for the protection of our precious natural resources.”

--Mark Rockefeller, Former NFWF Board Chairman
Charter Member, NFWF Stewardship Council