• Bureau of Reclamation
    In FY 2014, NFWF continued to work under a grant with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to develop and implement the Walker Basin Restoration Program in Nevada and California. This program’s primary objective is to restore and maintain Walker Lake, with a secondary objective of protecting agricultural, environmental and habitat interests. In FY14, NFWF established a local non-profit that will oversee land management and conservation activities in the Walker Basin, while NFWF continues to acquire water rights from willing sellers and work through the legal process to protect those rights instream. Over the past year, NFWF also expanded efforts into the Truckee, Carson, and Summit basins, awarding more than $10 million in grant funds in these three basins. NFWF also partnered for a second year with Reclamation and other federal agencies on a youth conservation-employment program which expanded into the Truckee, Carson, and Summit basins.