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​Juvenile whooping crane | Credit: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS 
  • ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation and Innovation Program

    The ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation and Innovation Program is a public-private partnership focused on the conservation of fish and wildlife habitats and the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches that address water and biodiversity issues. The program is a long-standing partnership among ConocoPhillips, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    Since 2005, the SPIRIT of Conservation and Innovation Program has awarded 72 grants worth $9.5 million to 41 conservation groups in 12 states and five countries. Grantees matched this funding with an additional $21 million, for a total conservation investment of $30.5 million. As a result of these investments, more than 214,000 acres of critical fish and wildlife habitat have been conserved, restored or enhanced.

    Current funding priorities for this program include:
    • Increasing populations of Species of Greatest Conservation Need through implementation of priority restoration strategies identified in State Wildlife Action Plans.
    • Restoring in-stream flows and habitat for aquatic species.
    • Restoring and enhancing grassland, sage, and riparian habitat for terrestrial and aquatic species.
    • Developing and field testing new innovative water and species conservation tools and techniques, specifically:
      • Water conservation, desalinization, recovery and re-use that benefits species
      • In-stream flow restoration for habitat restoration
      • Species and habitat advancements
      • Collaboration tools that bring together water experts across multiple sectors and parties.
    • Rapidly and/or significantly taking innovative tools and techniques for water conservation to scale.

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