​Where We Work

NFWF has supported thousands of conservation projects in the United States and abroad since 1985. Zoom in on this interactive map to locate them -- first by country, then state, and finally by individual point. Click on project points for more information.

You can use the Map Options box at right to change the basemap or filters (which change depending on the zoom level), or select a specific region. Move the slider button on the timeline at top or click on the play button to see cumulative projects over time. Click on the unlock button to the left of the timeline to view project points for a custom range of years.

Note that some projects are not depicted, such as recently funded projects or those associated with programs that lack mapped locations. The precision of the project locations may vary, depending on the information provided by grantees.

Please check back as new enhancements and data are added. For further questions please contact Mary Henkin (mary.henkin@nfwf.org).

If you are having trouble getting the map to load, please try another browser.