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  • 4/22/2014
    Environmental Solutions for Communities
    Award Notification

  • 4/28/2014
    Sustain Our Great Lakes Program
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 5/15/2014
    Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 5/22/2014
    Long Island Sound Futures Fund
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 6/2/2014
    Acres for America
    Pre-Proposal Deadline

  • 6/6/2014
    Desert Terminal Lakes Restoration Program
    Award Notification

  • 6/23/2014
    Conservation Partners Program
    Full Proposal Deadline

​Salmon in Eagle Creek, OR l Credit: Mark Gamba

​Other Funding Opportunities

NFWF offers other funding opportunities to meet the focused needs of certain partners.  Select a program below to see its description and learn about associated funding:

  • NFWF's Bronx River Watershed Initiative supports projects to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff to improve water quality in the Bronx River. 
  • This program helps to conserve vital upland habitats, enhance wetlands, and sustain healthy wild game and non-game populations across North America. 

  • This conservation program receives and administers funds from settling defendants in the matter of the United States of America v. M/V Cosco Busan, et al to restore, expand, or enhance recreational opportunities in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • NFWF's Guy Bradley Award, presented annually, recognizes individuals for achievements in wildlife law enforcement.
  • NFWF's Jackson Hole One Fly Stream Improvement Program supports stream protection, restoration, and enhancement projects to benefit Yellowstone cutthroat and Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout.
  • NFWF's Klamath River Coho Enhancement Fund supports  the survival and recovery of Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast (SONCC) Coho salmon.
  • NFWF's National Wildlife Refuge Friends Group Grant Program funds projects that assist organizations in being effective co-stewards of important natural resources within the National Wildlife Refuge System. 
  • NFWF's Native Environment Conservation Plan (NECP) was developed to offset adverse impacts of the Caney River Wind Project near Howard, Kansas, through conservation of high-quality tallgrass prairie.
  • The Oregon Governor’s Fund for the Environment supports projects to protect and enhance fish, wildlife and habitat resources in Oregon’s rivers, streams and coastal areas.
  • PG&E’s Nature Restoration Trust, a partnership with NFWF, supports community-based stewardship and restoration of vital habitats in northern and central California.  
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District, is soliciting proposals to fund projects that result in the rehabilitation, re-establishment, establishment, or enhancement of aquatic resources in the California Central Valley and Sierra Nevada.
  • NFWF's Tampa Bay Environmental Fund protects, restores and enhances the natural resources of Tampa Bay through a competitive grant process.